Thursday, February 18, 2010

its a brand new day - the sun is shining

I just finished another dinner shift tonight - but this time was sooo much better! :) I didn't feel stressed or overwhelmed at all, but really enjoyed the time I had in the kitchen. I worked with girls this time, and they worked hard, and I got to talk with them and encourage them, too. Dinner was on time and everything worked out well. Hallelujah!

This past weekend we had room changes. The girls had to follow string that was strung all over the house to find their room. It looked crazy when it was all set-up. The day was long as we all moved everything - some girls were excited, and a few were upset, but its working out. Two new girls came this week - so we are now up to 14 Littles. One of them is in my room, and I have loved getting to know her this week. I did math homework with her yesterday for two hours and have enjoyed the time I've been able to spend with her. Now my room is full with 2 Bigs and 2 Littles. :)

Next week is Beyond Week here, where the girls are challenged to go beyond what we do normally. Some of the Bigs and Littles are going on a mission trip to El Paso, Texas. Oh how I miss Texas! The rest of us will stay back and do work projects in the community, and go up to a nearby camp for two days to help them there. It will be different only having half the girls here, but I am looking forward to serving alongside the Littles. Pray that God would do big things in the hearts of these girls and really draw them close to Him.

I have been sick this week, and spent most of yesterday resting. I am starting to feel better though. I am taking this weekend off to go to a women's conference in Memphis. I will get to spend time with my whole family there as well! I am excited. :) I have an 8 hour drive there tomorrow and Sunday coming back, so I am looking forward to that, too. I love driving!!! :)

I continue to feel more comfortable here. I feel more a part of the group here now. It was interesting coming into a group where 8 of the Bigs had already been here 4 months. It was hard being one of the "newbies," but I feel like we are not so new anymore. As new Littles come and time passes, we fit right in. And now that we are kitchen trained, most of our training is complete!

The Lord continues to work in my heart. I felt really broken earlier this week, but I am learning that the Lord is the only thing that can satisfy me. It has been a hard process of learning and being broken, but I am so grateful for it all. Sometimes I think I am crazy, but I am who the Lord made me to be and well...I probably am a little crazy. :)

All that to say, I know the Lord is faithful. Pray that He would continue to work here and that we could keep Him at the center of everything we do. I pray you are all blessed and coming to know Him more. Feel free to call me or write me. I would love to hear from you!

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  1. You sound great, you write of your expereinces where you are serving and making a positive impact all day; every day with those in your circle of influence. The Lord is faithful and loves us SO much more than I remember sometimes. We have studied about discovering God's image in us and it has been a blessing. It is exciting to read familiar scripture that I've read SO many times...Come new again to me in a totally different way. It's SO great to feel HIS pressence more and more. I pray daily for less of me and more of HIM with each breath I take. I have contiously tried to be ever so much more aware of my words. I want to listen more and speak less. What a concept and habit that is hard to change. How patient the Lord is with me.
    My work is long, and challenging. I need to work on my time-management because I'm consumed at reaching such needy children. The time and demands are over-whelming. I need to keep reminding myself that EVERYONE of us has the same 24 hours each day and half of mine are spent in a building in Temple, TX... For me, many days....begin at sunrise and end at sunset. I miss entire days of experiencing the "outdoors" because of scheduling. I am thankful for my 40 minutes of car quiet in transiton, as I commute to and from school each day. That is my prayer time and Istrive to be stil and know that God is with me.
    I pray every day that you are safe, I pray for Nana, and Uncle Tony. I pray for our kids in Atlanta. I pray for your folks who are SO amazing!
    I pray for situations that out of my control. I pray that I would stop seeking human approval..but allow God to be in control.
    I think about you every day and look forward to visitng again soon.
    My spring break from school is the week of March 15 and Uncle Tony and I have decided to take a long road-trip back to ATL. Ryan and his Mandy have purchased a house and Ry moved in this week. Their wedding plans remain for 10/02/10. Mark it on your calander. Praying for your family weekend confernce that y'all are sharing together.
    Uncle Tony's BD is today and we have gift tickets from our Ashley-Jane to a special event at Cedar Park Center this afternoon. I have been working long and challenging days at school in Temple and Uncle Tony has been bowling 2 or more times weekly and really getting into his grove. It's been too cold for golf and bowling is lots cheaper. He had his old RED care freshly painted @ Maaco...same color and it looks amazing. We've already had our Toyota recall issue taken care of this past week by appointment. We
    are getting great gas-milage from our Toyota and we are getting used to it.

    Take care and God bless you to be blessing Lil Lisa. Keep in touch and always remember how much you are loved.