Saturday, September 12, 2009


Hey everyone!

I had several people encourage me to create a blog as I go off to do LeadTime in January - so here it is. I thought it would be fun to start one now as I complete my internship at school since what I am working with is related a lot to LeadTime. LeadTime is a year-long internship and discipleship program where I will be living with troubled teenagers in a Christian residential treatment facility. The program is connected with the program for teenagers called Shelterwood. Just a fun fact I like to tell people: How to Save a Life by the Fray (which also happens to be one of my favorite bands) was written about a teenager from Shelterwood. The teens are referred to as Littles, and I will be called a Big, along with the other people in my LeadTime class. I am really excited because I love living in community and have been so affirmed in going to do this by everyone I have talked about it with. I am thankful that the Lord has led me to this place and look forward to what He is going to do as He allows me to know Him more.

Most people start LeadTime (LT) in August and stay for a year. I however, am starting in January since I graduate this December. So a lot of other Bigs I will work with are already there. It is crazy to think about, but exciting as well. I will be in Missouri for all of 2010! I don't know if I will be in Branson or Kansas City, but hopefully I will find out soon. I will write more about LeadTime as time goes on...and will probably write the whole story of how I came to be involved in the program in December before I leave. I hope you enjoy!

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